Meeting coordinator

Els Meersschaert, meeting facilitator and entrepreneur Tussentijd

Special guest and expert

Anna Pollock, author, change agent and founder of Conscious. 45 years of experience and our most important expert on tourism during the project.

From Romania:

Petru Ariciuc, head of Tourism Department and mountain rescue service – City Hall Vatra Dornei

Marilena Niculita, director Museum of Ciocanesti Commune in Sucaeva County, “Finding a new way to attract visitors in our commune and learning about flourishing destination projects.”

Mirela Buzisteanu, director Gymnasium School Panaci, “We want to share the projects our young students participated in our community by discovering and promoting new mineral water springs in the region.”

Andrei Chirilă, manager Pastravaria lui Andrei Farm, “I am eager to see my friends from Angus and Meetjesland and learn about their business development during this crisis. Learn about new projects as well”

Ana Chirilă, physical therapist and assistant manager at Păstrăvăria lui Andrei,  “Looking for and working for bright horizons to grow our community during these times.”

Carmen Cruceanu, manager Pensiunea Casa Lus, “I’d like to see my friends from Angus and Meetjesland who were our guests last year and also to find how they deal with Corona crisis.”

Ioana Hunea, hotel manager Eco Hunea B&B, “I want to learn new things about this project.”

Monica David, marketing and communication specialist Association of Ecoturism Tara Dornelor, “learning new ideas of communication and attracting tourists in our region from our friends in Angus and Meetjesland.”

Maricica Cazimirciuc, destination manager Association of Ecoturism Tara Dornelor,  “I want to exchange ideas of good ways for promoting beautiful places in complicated times like this one.”

Irina Apetrii, project implementation Local Action Group Bazinul Dornelor, “See our friends from Angus and Meetjesland and learn about new projects regarding hospitality business.”

Vasile Cozan, president Local Action Group Bazinul Dornelor and coordinator for Romania of this project, “We can finally start officially this beautiful project which we love with our friends from Scotland and East Flanders. I am looking forward seeing you.”

Laura Albu, Association of Cooperation Moldova Meetjesland,  “I am the dreamer of this project for 4 years already and excited that finally, we will have the official start in Romania”

Vlad Pascan, viewer and translator

Andreea Fedor, Association of Cooperation Moldova Meetjesland and translator

Alina Scanteie, Association of Cooperation Moldova Meetjesland and translator

From Scotland:

Norma Lyall, projectpartner Flourish 9, “I love where I live and work here in Angus. Sharing my interests and enthusiasm of our landscape, heritage and produce.”

Alison Elliot, trust manager  Murton Trust fot Education and the Environment, “I love Angus. Interested to discover the social impact community led development has in our area.”

Sophie Thompson, digital communications for rural tourism businesses So Mantra, “Passionate about Angus and promoting it as a destination of choice. I love outdoor adventures! I would like to be part of this group as I think there is alot of partnership working that can be done to inspire each other and share best practice.”

Eleanor Mitchell, Robert Gordon University Tourism Student/Visit Scotland Part time work, “To learn how the businesses are continuing to promote and work their businesses throughout this year.”

Stuart Clarck, board member Angus Tourism Cooperative, “What motivates me? Norma told me to.”

Ann-Marie Black, business owner and board member Angus Tourism Cooperative, “It is the next beat thing to an actual visit.”

Clare Cooper, co-founder and co-director The Cateran Ecomuseum, “Learning more about this initiative.”

 Graham Galloway, DD8 Music, “I want to learn about successful community-based tourism initiatives and to share some of the lessons my projects have learned.”

David Tollick, coordinator Angus LEADER-program, “Looking forward to seeing how this project has grown and succeeded”

Louise Nicoll, partner/director in Newton Farm Holidays, “Joint thinking and shared learning.”

Louise Williams, activities coordinator Murton Trust, “Learning from others and Sharing what we can. Even more so in these tough times.”

From Belgium/Flanders:

Annelies Waegeman, coordinator rural development and former Leader-coordinator Meetjesland, province of East-Flanders, “I’m keen to hear which steps have been taken in the regions since we last met.”

Kobe Moens, project assistant provincial regional center Huysmanhoeve/Plattelandscentrum Meetjesland, “I like to share the way of working of our organisation and like to get inspired by similar projects/organisations.”

Luc Feusels, coordinator Plattelandscentrum Meetjesland and process manager @Huysmanhoeve, “I believe in the force of positive co-creation, co-operation, and Flourishing Destinations gives me a lot of motivation.”

Sofie Van Waes, coordinator Tourism Assenede, “I have been involved in the Flourishing Destinations program and therefore I am curious how this online exchange can motivate us to go further.”

Erik Hennes, coordinator tourism in Meetjesland, Tourism East-Flanders, “Building a new view on tourism. A real challenge for the place, the inhabitants, the entrepreneurs and the visitors in our beautiful Meetjesland.”

Bart Van Damme, assistant tourism in Meetjesland, Tourism East-Flanders, “It always surprises me the more that binds us than divides us despite the distance. That is why I like European projects.”

Nicolas Cammaert, Leader-coordinator Meetjesland, province of East-Flanders, “I would like to learn more about these concepts and projects.”

Nathalie Van Hyfte, programmer provincial regional center Huysmanhoeve/Plattelandscentrum Meetjesland, “I want to exchange new ideas!”

Vincent Laroy, councillor municipality of Lievegem and chairman Tourism Meetjesland, “As the president of Tourism Meetjesland, I want to follow the project. Even to learn more about new challenges for tourism for the future.”

Willy Van Zandweghe, chairman Tourism Sint-Laureins, “I want to know which projects succeed in the other countries.”

Eddy Matthys-De Zutter, secretary Plattelandscentrum Meetjesland (rural development in the region), “Our society in in a transition mood. Tourism is one of the possibilities. We have to make these transition acceptable for locals in villages.”

Boris De Wolf, project coordinator Tourism East-Flanders, “I am eager to get to know other initiatives that develop more conscious touristique experiences for their places, inhabitants, visitors & entrepreneurs.”

Herlinde Trenson, alderman municipality of Aalter and co-chairman Tourism Meetjesland, “Always willing to learn grom others.”

Nadine De Roo, entrepreneur farm ‘t Waterland and holiday cottage Nummer Tien, “Our borders, we must continue to push, by being open to other cultures and other approaches. Together we want to go for honest and local food.”