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Meetjesland is collecting stories online


For the new future plan for tourism in the Meetjesland, we are looking for stories. Stories of a personal experience. For this future plan, we first want to listen to such experiences on a large scale. On that basis we determine the future of tourism in this beautiful region.
Tourism East Flanders is together with Tourism Meetjesland looking for 1,000 stories! Meetjesland experiences of inhabitants, entrepreneurs, policy makers, tourists, holidaymakers, volunteers of all kinds, …
Normally, a great team of story collectors would have gone out during spring 2020 to find those 1,000 stories. We all know why this is not possible. That’s why we ask you to digitally fill in your own story or experience. A work of about 15 minutes.
The question we ask is:

Tell us about something you have personally experienced while visiting or staying in Meetjesland, or about interaction you have had with tourists that you will always remember. Describe this experience in scents and colours and tell us what exactly affected you.

So we are looking for a specific moment, a personal experience, something that will stay with you. Looking for one of your experiences in the Meetjesland.
Describe this moment in scents and colours (your story), as if you were telling it to a good friend. Afterwards we also ask a few questions about your story, so that it becomes clear to us exactly what you mean.

Go to the link and write down your story there and answer the corresponding questions.

At this time we prefer that you use these online versions. If you have any questions or need clarification, no problem. Even if you prefer to tell your story in person to one of our collectors, that’s also possible (by phone, chat, …)! We will put you in contact with one of them. Feel free to mail us and we will contact you:

Tip: Google Chrome is the most convenient browser to open and use the link.
Thank you and a virtual hug!